• "My Teeth Looks Whiter In Just 5 Days"

    "I used to feel insecure and not be able to smile confidently but after using SmileFam, my teeth looks whiter and I can now smile confidently!"

  • "Hubby praised me! I'm so happy with the fast results!"

    "My hubby used to tell me that my breath stinks, and that was due to the plaque and I tried to remove it using normal toothbrush but failed. Using SmileFam, I managed to reduce my bad breath!

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    "Saved Me Thousands of Dollars!"

    "I always thought that I need to go for treatment to make my teeth white, but with SmileFam I no longer need to because it really works for me and saved me thousands of dollars in treatment cost!"

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See Real Results and Look More Confident

Proven To See Results In As Short As 7 Days:

✔️ 90% agree that gum health improved!
✔️ 92% agree that breath smells better
✔️ 95% agree that it reduces their plaque than using traditional toothbrush
✔️ 100% increase in confidence
✔️ 95% agree that outlook and appearance improved

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Developed With Singapore 1st Omni-Cleaning Technology

Our proprietary SmileFam Omni-Cleaning technology that is designed carefully to ensure it improves your health, reduce bad breath and whiten your teeth

✔️ Charge once, last 3 times longer than other Electric Toothbrushes!
✔️ Clean faster and better than traditional toothbrush
✔️ Zero chemical and fast results

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Whiten Your Teeth In As Short As 1 Minute
Reduce Bad Breath, Bacteria and Plaque
3 Times Longer Battery Life
Improves Oral Gum Health
Electronic Toothbrush With Wireless Charger
$104 - $̶2̶3̶8̶
Premium Travel Case
$32 - ̶$̶5̶0̶
Refiller Pack
$23.90 - ̶$̶3̶2̶
Free Warranty Included
Five Cleaning Options
Total Price (SGD)
$159 $̶3̶2̶0̶

Reduce Plaque In 30 Days or Less

With Our Omni-Cleaning Technology That Hits Plaque 42,000 Times a Minute, You Can Say Hello To a Brighter Smile.

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