SmileFam Electric Toothbrush FAQs

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

Which toothpaste do you recommend to use with SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

For stronger whitening effect, you may look for toothpaste with hypertonic salt. We do not sell any toothpaste at the moment and we would not recommend any other toothpaste that are more abrasive.

Alternatively, you may start with regular toothpaste.


What's the difference between the 5 Modes - Soft Mode, Clean Mode, White Mode, Polish Mode and Massage Mode?

Soft Mode: This mode provides a gentle cleaning experience with its subtle vibration at 44,000 times/min, making it suitable for beginners and sensitive individuals.

Clean Mode: Balanced for everyday use, Clean Mode operates at the same speed as Soft Mode but with a slightly stronger vibration, suitable for regular cleaning once users are accustomed to electric toothbrushes.

White Mode: Designed for teeth whitening, White Mode delivers a stronger cleaning force at 42,600 times/min, targeting surface stains for a brighter smile.

Polish Mode: Offering variable speeds between 36,000 and 44,000 times/min, Polish Mode alternates between weaker and stronger vibrations to effectively polish teeth, ideal for heavy smokers or avid coffee and tea drinkers.

Massage Mode: This mode provides a soothing gum massage, promoting gum health and stimulating circulation with its gentle, rhythmic vibrations. Operating in a circular pattern, the vibrations range from 36,000 to 44,000 times/min, gently massaging the gums and offering a relaxing experience for oral care enthusiasts.

Why does the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush stand out among its competitors?

Our SmileFam Electric Toothbrush harnesses advanced ultrasonic technology, delivering powerful yet gentle vibrations to effectively combat plaque while nurturing healthy gums. In combination with our specially designed refillers, it offers an unparalleled deep cleaning experience.


Are we based in Singapore?

Yes, our products are in Singapore and our office/warehouse is at 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #08-10, S118530.


What benefits come with the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

Beyond its superior cleaning capabilities, the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush ensures hassle-free charging with our innovative wireless base charger. With the added bonus of a travel kit, you can maintain impeccable oral hygiene even while traveling. Plus, our additional refiller pack ensures you're always ready for a refreshing clean.


How does the wireless base charger work?

No need for tangled wires or complex setups. Place your SmileFam toothbrush on our wireless base charger, and it will seamlessly charge, always prepped for your next use.


What's included in the travel kit?

Our travel kit is designed for on-the-go oral care. Compact and portable, it has everything required to keep your smile radiant wherever you might be.


How often should I replace the refiller?

For optimal results and hygiene, we recommend changing your refiller every three months. Our pack of two refillers ensures your teeth consistently get the best cleaning performance.


Is there a warranty on the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

Absolutely. Your SmileFam Electric Toothbrush comes with a 1 Year Warranty. We pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our products, ensuring you're always satisfied.


What makes the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush Bundle unique?

With the SmileFam Whitening Electric Toothbrush Bundle, you get more than just a toothbrush. Experience a healthier, brighter smile with our all-encompassing solution.


Is the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush suitable for all types of teeth?

Yes, the gentle yet effective ultrasonic technology makes it suitable for everyone, including those with dental work, braces, veneers, or sensitivity.


How should I store my SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

Store your toothbrush on a flat surface, away from direct sunlight, preferably on your bathroom countertop or inside the provided travel case in a dry environment.


Can I take the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush on my flights? 

Certainly! Our toothbrush is travel-friendly, so it's perfect for your carry-on luggage.


How do I change my toothbrush head or refiller?

Changing the refiller is simple. Just pull the old one off the handle and push the new one into place, ensuring it's securely attached.


Do other brands of toothbrush heads fit the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

Our SmileFam Electric Toothbrush is specifically designed to work best with SmileFam refillers. Using other brands may not provide the optimal cleaning experience.


How can I ensure the best cleaning results with my SmileFam Electric Toothbrush?

For the best results, use the SmileFam Electric Toothbrush in conjunction with our provided refillers and follow a regular oral care routine, including twice-daily brushing and periodic check-ups with your dentist